This episode will explore current programmatic and project based initiatives to create the processes and infrastructure that will support a growing number of software (re)use cases/organizational users. Guests will highlight challenges and opportunities associated with scaling an institutional software preservation program, as well as scaling software preservation across institutions.

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Time & Date:

May 23 // 8amPST – 10am CST – 4pm BST/CET


   + Euan Cochrane (Yale University)

   + Maureen Pennock (British Library)

   + Klaus Rechert (University of Freiburg)

Lead Facilitator:
Discussion Questions:

   + Define scale in the context of your project. How is scale different from growth?

   + Are there aspects of software preservation that are not in scope for your project or program to tackle, but are nevertheless crucial to the long-term success of your project or programmatic goals?

Supplementary Resources:

Websites & Blogs

   + Emulation as a Service (EaaS) at Yale University Library:

   + Example of emulated content at Yale University Library

   + Scaling Emulation as a Service Infrastructure Project

 Articles, Reports & Presentations

   + ARL Best Practices for Fair Use in Software Preservation

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   + Day, M., Pennock, M., May, P., Davies, K., Whibley, S., Kimura, A., Halvarsson, E. (2016). “The preservation of disk-based content at the British Library – Lessons from the Flashback project.”

   + “Integrated Preservation Suite” in the 2017-2020 BL Digital Preservation Strategy:

   + Interview with Dirk von Suchodoletz about PLANETS and Emulation:

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“Integrating emulation into library reading rooms”

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