External Resources

Each FCoP Project Team is contributing to a growing list of external resources that are helping to inform their work.

Capacity-Building Activities

In-Person Kickoff Exercises

FCoP Project Leads assembled at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA in August 2018. The 2-day In-Person Kick-Off Meeting was an opportunity for cohort members to examine their software preservation projects through the lens of metadata, existing digital curation workflows, internal/external advocacy and project management.

FCoP Software and Collections Inventory is based on what is sometimes referred to as a Random (or spot) inventory. Random (or spot) inventories are extremely limited in scope. They are primarily used to verify the location of a representative sampling of objects. FCoP Project Teams were asked to perform a software & collections inventory as a means of understanding which additional organizational roles are crucial for understanding the software landscape within their organization and to identify gaps in collection development and descriptive practice that need to be addressed as part of their software preservation projects.

Software & Collections Inventory

Scenarios for (Re)Use & Access

FCoP Scenarios for Use & Access asks each Project Team to brainstorm scenarios for use and access they believe will drive the adoption of programmatic software preservation; identify users whose use cases they believe may correspond with the scenarios for use and access that they articulated; and ask participants to complete a questionnaire. Project Teams then analyze participant responses to determine the distance between their participant reflections and the scenarios for use and access driving their interest in software curation, preservation and emulation.


Stay tuned! 

FCoP Cohort Members are currently testing and documenting software preservation and emulation workflows as part of their individual projects. We’ll post them as soon as they are ready to share.