Six organizations are embarking on software preservation and emulation projects to establish a community of practice in software preservation and emulation within libraries, archives and museums. 

Generously supported by the Institute for Library and Museum Services [IMLS grant RE-95-17-0058-17], the cohort will spend 2018-2019 on their projects and then disseminate the knowledge and experience gained through the projects during 2019-2020. Along the way, the FCoP project will enable the cohort to experiment and test emulation software, confront specific issues such as legal, metadata, technical preservation, and access challenges specific to their projects, and ideally bring software preservation and access into the mainstream of digital preservation practice. Documentation will be key to this last goal, and plans are underway to compile and publish project reports, community guidance, and comprehensive analysis of the cohort’s overall experience.


November 2017 to January 2018

Call for project applications

March 2018

Selected projects notified | Learn more about the FCoP Project Cohort 

Summer 2018

FCoP In-Person Kick-off Meeting

August 2018

Projects launch after finalizing 6-month detailed project plans | Cohort members log in to their FCoP emulation sandboxes

September 2018

Bi-monthly Project Check-ins begin | FCoP presents at iPRES 2018

October 2018

FCoP Cohort members complete Software & Collections Inventory | Call for FCoP Research Travel Award applications

November 2018

FCoP Cohort members document Scenarios for Use & Access

December 2018

FCoP Cohort members begin planning 2019 outreach activities

January 2019 to May 2020

FCoP Research Travel Awardee announced | FCoPCohort members begin publishing and presenting publicly on their individual projects


jessica meyerson

Jessica Meyerson

Project Coordinator, Educopia Institute

Jessica is Research Program Officer for Educopia Institute and Co-Founder of the Software Preservation Network – a role that allows her to promote the essential role of software preservation in responsible and effective digital stewardship. As the FCoP Project Coordinator, Jessica planning, design and facilitation efforts to coordinate the work of FCoP cohort members and ensure the overall success of the project.  

Zach Vowell

Principal Investigator, Cal Poly State University

Zach Vowell is the Digital Archivist in the Kennedy Library Special Collections and Archives, where he manages and develops digitization projects, acquires and processes born-digital archives. He coordinates the long-term preservation of the department’s digital collections, all in an effort to promote the online discovery and use of the department’s collections. As the FCoP Principal Investigator, Zach is responsible for financial oversight, reporting, contract management and ensure the success of the FCoP Cohort as well as overall project success.