Affiliated Projects & Programs advance the mission, vision and strategic goals of the Software Preservation Network through financial or in-kind support, shared measurement, and producing outcomes that inform priorities for action.

SPN’s involvement in these projects range from a direct role in shaping Affiliated Projects, or may be enlisted to participate in an existing project. SPN members may contribute to Affiliated Projects in different ways ranging from feedback on functional requirements to sharing software metadata. Our current Affiliated Projects address:

+ Organizational capacity building for programmatic software preservation

+ Scaleable, networked infrastructure to support emulation-as-a-service

+ Asserting user rights and fair use to lawful preservation, sharing and reuse of software

Current Affiliated Projects


Scaling Software Preservation and Emulation Infrastructure (EaaSI) is developing software to enable organizations running the bwFLA Emulation as a Service (EaaS) software to network with each other and share resources. This allows participating node-hosts to share software and pre-configured software environments that others in the network can then use to ensure access to their preserved digital data.


Fostering a Community of Practice: Software Preservation in Libraries, Archives, and Museums (FCoP) centers around the experience of a cohort of six organizations as they design and implement their own software preservation projects. Each organization created a Project Team consisting of staff roles that represent critical perspectives in the implementation of programmatic software preservation and emulation.

BPs for Fair Use

The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Software Preservation (BPs for Fair Use) helps ensure that the subjects, products, and tools of scholarship will continue to be accessible despite evolving technology. The code will express a consensus view of how fair use—the legal doctrine allowing the use of copyrighted materials without permission from the copyright holder under certain circumstances—applies to core, recurring situations in software preservation.